"Pricing Guide: What should I expect?"

"How much should I budget for flowers and associated rentals?"

We get asked that often.  Pricing, just like your wedding, is unique.  

While it is difficult to provide a blanket total for florals and associated rentals, on average, our clients budget $3,000-$7,500 for flowers and associated rentals. This, of course, can vary drastically on what your needs and wants are for the day. One couple may want specialty large arrangements for the reception, and more expensive flower varieties, while another might be utilizing more simple centerpieces. Another example is that one couple might have 300 guests and 8 bridesmaids while another might have only 150 guests and 4 bridesmaids.   

It's important to know that we are here to help maximize your resources and guide you through the process of choosing the perfect combination of elements to achieve the most impact. It all starts with a consultation; so give us a call and let's dive into the details! 


The following price list is provided to give you an idea of starting and average pricing, but all designs are custom to your vision and budget. We recommend setting up a private consultation where we can discuss specific details for your wedding and provide you with a custom proposal.  

  • Bridal bouquets average: $225 - $275

  • Maids bouquets range: $75 - $175 each

  • Boutonnieres range: $18 - $35 each

  • Corsages: $65 - $95

  • Altar/arch Arrangements start at $300 and run upwards of $2,500

  • Aisle/pew arrangements average $25 - $75

  • Tall floral centerpiece average $225 - $450

  • Low floral centerpieces start at $85 | Typically in the $125 - $200 range for a full low floral

  • Delivery, Labor & Set-up typically ranges 20% - 25% of your total design contract. Post-event tear-down is $400 for venues 25 - 50 miles outside of Duval county, otherwise it is only $300 total. We also offer our couples to utilize our donation services*. Additional travel charges may apply for out of town weddings. Delivery and setup fees will vary and are always optional. 

  • Transition Services (for those doing a room flip/i.e. using the same room for their reception as their ceremony) - Starts at $100

*Donation services: Soulful Stems by S&K proudly offers the option to donate back any florals (of your choosing) to be broken down, rearranged and gifted to local retirement communities, schools, hospitals, and sometimes just someone walking down the street, who may need a smile! This free service allows these mini arrangements to be donated in the names of the newly wedded couple.


A $3,000 minimum is required to book Soulful Stems by S&K for floral services. This means if you want/need our team to handle the florals, decor, delivery, styling, set-up and (optional) break down.  Depending on event date and location, Soulful Stems by S&K may apply a higher minimum for your date. This will be discussed and agreed upon prior to your consultation. This minimum applies to the full contract order pre-tax, meaning it does not have to be allocated to flowers alone. This can include set-up fees, rentals, etc. As with everything, sometimes exceptions are made. 

Please inquire: we’d love to hear more about your plans for the big day!


Certain holidays we implement a higher minimum as we typically take on fewer weddings and our design staff gives up precious time with family during the week leading up to the event along with the day executing the event.

Memorial Day - $3,500
Fourth of July - $4,500
Labor Day - $4,500

Thanksgiving Weekend - $8,000

Christmas Week (closed Christmas day) - $10,000
New Year’s Eve - $8,000