I’m glad you’re here!

Born in Thailand and came to the United States in ’89! I’ve lived in Florida since ’93 so this is home! I studied Culinary Arts but quickly learned that I didn’t really have a passion for cooking but rather eating. When I’m not arranging flowers, I am scouting out new restaurants. Operation Manager for a Finance firm by day, Florist extraordinaire by weekend!

Fun Facts:
- I speak 3 languages! Khmer, Thai and English
- I have a teenager (WHAT!?!??!)
- Orchids are my favorite and I will likely try to convince you that it should be yours too
- Self-proclaimed food critic

Business Facts:
Licensed Event Planner and self-taught (with an amazing coach, Kari) florist. What I love most
about being a florist is that we’re such an intricate part of your big day and we take great stride
in that. The adrenaline that brides feel when walking down the aisle is the same that we feel
when we’re designing your bouquet. How can we make your big-day dream come true?


Co-Owner; Designer